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Rose and Bill Field of Scottsdale, AZ  have set driving rules for their family (children ages 18, 16, 8).

1. A sixteenth birthday means only one thing, that you are now sixteen.  It does not necessarily mean that you are ready to drive or that you will be getting a new car like some of your friends.  If your children know from a young age that they will be getting their license at 17 it is not a big issue.  This is something even our eight year old knows.

  1. Getting a driver’s permit at or close to age 16 is a gift.  As it turns out, our daughter exhibited the maturity needed to get her permit at age 16.
  1. When you do get your license it does not mean you will automatically get a car, or there will be one for you to drive all of the time.  This is a great time to share a vehicle.  It is easy to see how your teen takes care of a car if you are driving it after they are done.  Is there gas?  How loud was the stereo??  Things like that.
  1. Just because your friend has a license at 16 does not mean they are ready to drive, so NO NO NO you cannot drive with them.  We do not allow them to be in the car with anyone who has had their license for less than 6 months.  That said, only 2 teens at a time.  The driver and your child.  We made sure to mention this rule to everyone that wanted to drive our daughter.  It is easy to say “We only let her drive with one other teen in the car, so if it is a group thing I will be happy to take you all.”
  1. After our daughter had her license for 6 months we let her drive only one other teen.  I will admit this was hard for her because it is often a group of three or more going someplace.  But…..three teens or more in a car is a party.  Parties are not good for the driver.
  1. One time when our daughter had a date with a young driver, her father had the boy take him for a ride.  If you are not willing to ride with this person, you should not let your child.  He drove fine, but the date was not that great.
  1. We made it a point for the first year to ask the other drivers if they were good drivers.  Do you speed?  Do you drink?  They probably thought we were nuts.  They always came back.
  1. If any of our children disregard a family driving rule, they have always known that driving privileges will be suspended.  If they choose to exceed the speed limit and receive a speeding ticket, they know they will pay both the ticket and the increase in car insurance.
  1. Seatbelts are a way of life in our family.  We expect each other to wear them in our vehicle as well as when riding in a friend’s vehicle.

  2. As you know, we cannot protect them at every moment.  That is up to God.  We can try.


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