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Download the Act on the Facts Driving Plan.

Download Plan

You will need to have adobe acrobat in order to view the document properly. If you don't have acrobat reader, here is the link to download your free version.



The Lisa Johnson Foundation has researched and created a plan for teen driving based on the major causes of teen motor vehicle crashes.
This plan helps families set specific safety limits and consequences for new teen drivers. 
The major causes can be remembered as SPINSpeed, Passengers & Phones, Inexperience, & Night.


Speed limits must be obeyed at all times since higher speeds give drivers less time to brake and steer out of a sudden hazardous situation.

If speed limits are exceeded, driving privileges will be revoked for _____ days/months.

Recommendation:  Discuss the fact that speed limits are not suggestions.  They are researched and designed to prevent crashes.


Due to the risk of distraction, no passengers under the age of 21 will ride in the vehicle for a minimum of _____ months.

If passenger restriction is violated, driving privileges will be revoked for _____ weeks/months.

Recommendation:  no passengers under the age of 21 for a minimum of six months after licensure.  As driving experience increases and responsibility is demonstrated after six months, one passenger under the age of 21 could be allowed in the vehicle.  Re-evaluate after one year.

Due to the risk of distraction, phone usage in any form is prohibited while driving. 

If phone restriction is violated, driving privileges will be revoked for _____weeks/months.


Practice is needed to increase driving skills.  Each state sets minimum requirements for driving practice before getting a license.  Strive to exceed the minimums.

Recommendation:  increase driving practice hours, enroll new driver in supplemental driving training schools and clinics.  Parents should continue to ride with their teen periodically after licensure.


Driving between the hours of  9 p.m. and 6 a.m. is prohibited for the first _____ months after licensure. 

If night driving restriction is violated, driving privileges will be revoked for _____ days/months.

Recommendation:  Driving during the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. should be prohibited for a minimum of three months after licensure.  After driving experience is gained and responsible driving behavior is demonstrated, driving hours could be increased, generally in three-to-six month intervals.

*Extreme caution is urged regarding the most dangerous nights for teen driving:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, due to an increase in recreational driving.  Note that many communities also have curfews, making it illegal for teens to be out after 10 or 11 PM, driving or not.


-Mandatory seatbelt use for the teen driver, as well as passengers, in the car.

-Teen alcohol use prohibited since it is illegal in the U.S. and increases the risk of motor vehicle crashes.

If these requirements of the driving plan are violated, driving privileges will be revoked for _____ weeks/months.


-If  teenager does not exhibit the needed maturity to be a safe driver and to follow the plan, driving should wait.

-Know who your teen is with, where they are going, and when they will be returning.

-If a teen’s plans change, or a safe ride home is needed, a phone call to parent/guardian is necessary.

-Discuss the driving plan with other parents. 

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