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Message from the founder of the Lisa Johnson Foundation

Jeane Fletcher

As the founder of the Lisa Johnson Foundation, I realize the importance of educating families on the top causes of teen motor vehicle crashes and how to prevent them. My 16-year old daughter, Lisa Johnson . . . continued




Take charge, not chances, with your teen’s life

The Lisa Johnson Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing families with the facts of main causes of teen motor vehicle crashes, and a plan to prevent them.  This mission is based on the knowledge that:

1.)  Teen motor vehicle crashes are preventable.

2.)  A parent or guardian is the most influential person regarding the safety of a teen driver.

3.)  A teen driver is at a higher risk if their family does not have a specific driving plan or if the plan is not being enforced.

The Lisa Johnson Foundation supports parents and guardians in their leadership role by providing them with an Act on the Facts Driving Plan, a Parenting Style Quiz, and access to experts in the field of both teen driving and child psychology.

The Lisa Johnson Foundation also supports those who have been affected by a teen motor vehicle crash.  Courageous Survivors addresses the needs of someone who has experienced the death or injury of a family member or friend due to a teen motor vehicle crash.


Who is Lisa Johnson?

“Parents have always known the value of having plans: insurance plans, savings plans, retirement plans, education and vacation plans, yet, having an effective driving plan for their new teen driver is often left off of the list. At the most dangerous point in their child’s life, a driving plan is critical!”

-Jeanne Fletcher

Take charge, not chances,
with your teen’s life.
Know the facts..........
Act on the facts.




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