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Who We Are

Who we are

We are an organization committed to providing families with the facts of the top causes of teen motor vehicle crashes and a plan on how to prevent them. 

Acting on the facts
The Lisa Johnson Foundation was founded by a mother who learned the facts and made a commitment to share this life-saving information.

Motivated people
As a voice for the prevention of teen motor vehicle crashes, our network of concerned citizens includes friends and family members of teens who have died or were injured as a result of a crash.

Teen correspondents across the United States keep us on the forefront of state and national news regarding the prevention of teen vehicle crashes.

What We Do

What we do

We are dedicated to promoting the facts of why teen motor vehicle crashes occur and how a family can plan to prevent them.

Serving families, saving lives
Promoting leadership: we support parents in their leadership role by providing them with our Parenting Style Quiz, our Act on the Facts Driving Plan, and access to experts in the field of both teen driving and child psychology.

Promoting awareness: with advertising campaigns designed to promote leadership for parents, as well as for teens with their peers.

Promoting opportunities: the Lisa Johnson Foundation provides scholarships to help teens develop their new driving skills.

What You Can Do

What we do

Make a commitment to know the facts and to act on the facts.

Be a leader, take charge

Utilize the Act on the Facts Driving Plan.  Review it frequently. Assess your parenting style and learn how it affects your teen’s safety. Share the Lisa Johnson Foundation website with other families. Sign up for the Lisa Johnson Foundation quarterly e-mail newsletter, designed to keep you informed and effective.

Use the Lisa Johnson Foundation downloads and share them with others:
> Act on the Facts Driving Plan
> Parenting Style Quiz
> Podcasts

Choose an opportunity to help raise funds. Make a financial donation to help support the efforts of the Lisa Johnson Foundation.

Lisa Johnson Foundation Fund Raising event at Pope John XXIII Catholic School.

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